How ACUMAT Works?

The impact of ACUMAT is based on principals of reflexology and acupressure
technique. Firstly, the specially designed pointed lotus petals of ACUMAT
simultaneously affect biologically active points and meridians, as well as the area
of skin related to the organs and systems. Secondly, ACUMAT increases the
release of oxytocin and endorphins, which improve blood and lymph circulation,
relieve muscles spasms, reduce pain and have a positive effect on general
emotional state. Finally, ACUMAT stimulates the supply of noradrenalin into the
blood, which activates the sympathetic centers of the autonomic nervous system,
as well as pituitary, hypothalamus and adrenal cortex. This helps to speed up the
metabolism and strengthens the anti-inflammatory activity of the body.


StyleWellness Acumat is made out of:  A cotton mattress sheet(produced from ORGANIC cotton) A foram mattress Plastic pressure points attached to the mattress sheet.

Small red "dots" on the skin will occur after using the ACUMAT
Those marks will disappear after a few minutes. The redness that occur is due to
the increase blood circulation and is a positive effect of the Acumat's pressure points.

  • During the first few minutes its common to feel a warm sensation on the
    body areas that are in contact with the ACUMAT.
  • Discomfort is quickly replaced by a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

No, propably on the contrary
The blood circulation might increase, but the blood pressure may lower.

There is no weight capacity for using the Acumat.
You can adjust the pressure from the pressure points on the mat by using a cloth
between yourself and the Acumat. You can adjust the thickness of the cloth
according to your own comfort levels.

Absolutely ,
The AcuMat may produce a reduced stress level and the infection will break out,
because the body's immune system takes care of the sick cells, You can almost never prevent a colde from coming, you have to let it progress and let the body repair itself properly.

No, it is not dangerous to use the AcuMat.
Regular usage of the AcuMat helps with relaxation, improved sleep, and reduced
stress, however does not provide a medical cure for diseases. Experience of
using the AcuMat is very individual. Always consult your physician before use at
the slightest uncertainty. Always use the AcuMat with caution, lie down for a few
minutes at a time and see what feels best for you.

  • At the beginning, spend 10-15 minutes on the AcuMat.
    Gradually, you may increase your sessions to 20-40 Minutes.
  • It is not dangerous to spend more time or to have a great night's sleep on the mat.
  • Children cannot use teh AcuMat without adult supervision.
  • The AcuMat must be covered by a cloth to protect their sensitive skin.

How To Use Your ACUMAT?

IMPACT ZONES OF ACUMAT ARE:- BACK, SHOULDER,NECK,WRAIST,HIPS,FEET AND HANDS. The most common position is to lie on your back; as the influence on theback has a beneficial effect on the entire body.Put your ACUMAT on the bed or floor. Take off your shirt. Slowly and carefully lie on your back – do it gradually, leaning on the hands for support. Bend your knees, and while lifting the pelvis, move it forward and tightly press the lower back to the ACUMAT. You can leave the legs bent at the knees or straight them. Place a small pillow or a roller under your neck for your head not to throw back. If you feel discomfort in the back, stand up and lie down, taking the optional position. Mild pain at the beginning of the session on ACUMAT is completely normal. That pain will disappear with time. Cover yourself with a blanket for you to feel as comfortable as possible. You can turn on soft music, close your eyes, use breathing techniques, do anything that will help you to focus on feelings, let go of thoughts and allow your muscles and mind to relax. Distribute your weight evenly across the mat. The first time you lie on the ACUMAT you may want to use a light cloth or wear a thin shirt to soften the pressure of the lotuses. Begin slowly, without causing unnecessary discomfort to yourself. It may take several days or weeks before you can start using the mat without cover on it.

Frequency of Use

For treatment of acute pain and for a best results it is recommended to use ACUMAT 2 times a day during the first 3 weeks. Afterwards, use ACUMAT when you feel the need, or at least 3 times a week. Duration of treatment depends on you. Please note the one session takes from 10 to 45 minutes. It is safe to use ACUMAT longer. You can even lie on the mat for a few hours, but the desired effect is normally achieved in 20 minutes. The first 10-15 minutes on the mat will be a powerful stimulant, but after 20 minutes the relaxing qualities of ACUMAT are made clear. You can use the mat at any time, but do not use it after a heavy meal, when the body’s resources are mobilized in the abdominal area, making therapy less effective. The ideal time for the session is morning, the first few minutes after waking up, when the body and mind are still between sleep and wakefulness. ACUMAT will help you to wake up and start the day in good shape. For people who enjoy a midday rest, ACUMAT is an ideal way to relax and recuperate.It can be used in the evenings as well, but only when you are used to the mat and are more used to being relaxed by it instead of being awakened or stimulated by it. If you are at the start of your program, using the mat at night might make you too energetic to sleep.

Tips for better Use

You can evenly distribute the pressure of lotus flower, or make it more intense in a specific area. Remember that your spine has a natural curve. Place a pillow, cushion or folded towel under ACUMAT in the place where it is needed. For example, put a cushion and mat under your neck for even pressure on the spine.If you place the mat under the lower back, best to place a small cushion under the mat, so you can relieve pain in the buttocks, back, lower back, and treat sciatica or femoral verve neuropathy. You will be able to quickly eliminate the attack of severe pain, if you lie down on the mat with your buttocks or thigh. Use a cushion or folded towel and move the matt to find the most comfortable position. ACUMAT can be used to relieve spasmodic pain in any muscle or joint. To do this, pull out the inner mattress and use ACUMAT by pressing it down to the uncomfortable area for a few minutes. This impact is very effective for osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism; the mat also can be used to stimulate recovery in case of damage of muscles or joints, reducing tendonitis. Some of our clients use ACUMAT without inner filling for the scalp. This procedure helps to slow down or stop hair loss and to stimulate growth. Impact on the scalp relieves headaches and migraines. Using the mat has a positive effect on blood circulation on feet, relieves their fatigue and swelling. To do this, stand barefoot on ACUMAT. If you have sensitive feet, you can sit on a chair or lie on your back, bend the knees and put your feet on ACUMAT, choosing a comfortable intensity of pressure.

Many children love ACUMAT. We recommend it for restless children – while using ACUMAT they become calmer, and the mat also improves sleep and immunity. If your children use ACUMAT, they should have adult supervision. The skin of children is more sensitive, so we suggest using a special linen cloth when using ACUMAT. Children should use the mat for 10- 15 minutes. Practician’s of yoga while performing asanas, for example, Bhudzhangasanu (cobra pose) or Padahastasanu (stroke pose), to have a greater efficiency put their feet, hands and hips on ACUMAT.