ACUMAT is a revitalizing massage mat with spikes. Using ACUMAT is a simple but effective way to naturally relieve pain in muscles, joints and spine. Therapy with ACUMAT has a positive effect on cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, gastrointestinal tract, balances the flow of energy, and helps to reduce the pain from cramps or inflammations. ACUMAT improves the health of your spine, by relaxing the muscles and joints of your back, activating the blood flow around your spine. It also provides improved blood circulation to the pelvic organs and abdominal cavity. Regular usage of ACUMAT will lead you to further advantages: improved sleep cycle and sleep quality, general relaxation, improvement of mood, compensation for lack of physical activity, increase vitality, health and immunity, relief from migraines, hormonal regulation, stimulation metabolism and normalization of weight, improvement of elasticity and skin tone. ACUMAT even has an anti-cellulite effect..

AcuMats (Spike Mats) have been used for thousands of years in relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga, all in pursuit of healing the body and releasing emotional, physical and mental blockages. With regular use of your AcuMat, you will notice distinct improvements in energy levels, better sleep, lower blood pressure, decreased muscular tension, reduced pain, increased metabolism, improved blood circulation, and a strengthened immune system. What You Get StyleWellness acumat is made out of:

  • A cotton mattress sheet (produced out of ORGANIC cotton)
  • A foam rubber mattress
  • Plastic spikes attached to the mattress sheet.


Why Its&Great

For the price of one acupuncture session, you get a product that provides consistent relief and wellness for a lifetime. The organic cotton construction of the AcuMat is much more comfortable than the traditional “bed of nails” used by mystic healers in India millenia ago!